Who We Are

Nerantzakis S.A. is a well-established, mainly exporting plastic bag and packaging manufacturing company founded in 1998. During the first years, the company was founded as a General Partnership company and by 2004 the company was reformed as an Anonymous Society company without losing the family spirit and bounds.

Founder of the Company is Mr. Nerantzakis Panagiotis and his family is company’s shareholders.

Main industrial activity of the company is the manufacturing of soft plastic packages and bags for industrial and commercial use.

Most of company’s production volume is being exported to EU and other countries, reaching 80% of company’s annual turnover.




Our company can manufacture packages that are used for textile industry, clothing industry, heavy industrial packages with expertise in pellet bags, food and salt packages (i.e. for olives, pickles, cheese, candies etc.), ice cube and frozen foods bags and packages, bags for retail use (drug store bags, retail stores bags, courier bags, e-shop bags etc.) and bio-plastic packages.

The above categories are not the only one that our company can manufacture. We can design and manufacture products in cooperation with our clients in order to deliver a product that will cover the needs and requirements of our clients.

Ice cube and Frozen Foods Bags and Packages
Food and Salt Packages
Textile and Clothing Packages
Heavy Industrial Use and Pellet
Retail Use Packages


We strongly believe that we should provide to our customers high quality products that will meet their expectations and requirements and so we are trying to continuously improve our products.

In order to achieve the best possible results and to meet our customers’ needs and expectations, we are watching the market trends inside and outside of our country (via trade fairs, newsletters etc.) but mainly we maintain a two way relationship with our customers and suppliers.

From the side of our customers, we are trying to understand the needs and the requirements of the packaging of our customers and to manufacture a product that will be suitable for them. But we are not only limited to that and we also provide design and technical support to our customers if they need it in order to achieve the best solution for them.

From the side of our suppliers, the procurement of high standards and quality of raw materials from top companies around the globe, gives us the opportunity to add value to our products. Furthermore, with our frequent communication with our suppliers, we gain information for new products, the improvement of the materials and manufacturing methods and the trends of the industry.


Social Responsibility

Our commitment to society starts from the founding of our company. Respect to people and ethos are a part of our culture since the beginning of the company. The sense of responsibility to people and mainly to groups of people in need of support is a top priority for our company. We take action by supporting Non-profit and Non-government organizations locally and nationally, local groups and people from our local society that face difficulties in their daily life.

Environmental Responsibility

The respect of the environment, the ecosystem and the natural resources are a top priority for us. We are trying to reduce our environmental footprint by recycling materials from the manufacturing process, by reducing the consumption of energy, by manufacturing biodegradable bags and packages and by manufacturing products from PLA raw materials.




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54 500 I. PARK NEOCHOROUDA P.O. BOX 1341/ 57 008
TEL. 2310 755-579/80, FAX 2310 754-190
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