Our Company

Who We Are

Who We Are

Nerantzakis S.A. is a well-established, mainly exporting plastic bag and packaging manufacturing company founded in 1998. During the first years, the company was founded as a General Partnership company and by 2004 the company was reformed as an Anonymous Society company without losing the family spirit and bounds.

Founder of the Company is Mr. Nerantzakis Panagiotis and his family is company’s shareholders.

Main industrial activity of the company is the manufacturing of soft plastic packages and bags for industrial and commercial use.

Most of company’s production volume is being exported to EU and other countries, reaching 80% of company’s annual turnover.



What We Provide

Driven by quality and adding-valued products for our customers, we provide a wide range of plastic packaging products for industrial and retail usage.

Our mechanical equipment, our expertized stuff and the experience we have gain through the years that we are operate to the industry give us the opportunity to cover all the steps of the production process in order to create a final product according to customers’ requirements. From raw materials, the conversion of them to film, the printing process and to the finalized product, we have achieved to provide high quality products.

Furthermore, in order to manufacture a high quality product, our company is being supplied with raw materials by well-established worldwide producers like DOW Chemicals, Exxon Mobil and Versalis, so as to achieve the quality assurance of the final product.

Our product range covers a wide variety of soft plastic packaging bags, printed up to 6 colors or not printed, produced by films of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) for industrial and retail use packages.

Our Mission and Vision

In Nerantzakis S.A., we aim at quality assurance of our products and we make effort to:


Invest in technology and human resources in order to provide to our customers soft packaging that is suitable to their needs and requirements.


Τhe continuous improvement of our services, trying to enter to new categories of soft packaging and bags.


Offer innovative products that meet our customers’ requirements and needs.